Why You Need Wedding Videography

Capture every moment, sound and movement.

Wedding videography has been steadily moving up brides’ priority list and is quickly becoming a necessity in the modern wedding.  In fact, in a recent poll of newlyweds, 92% of brides who don’t get a wedding video said they regret it afterwards. If you aren’t sure if you really want videography at your wedding, keep reading.  It won’t talk long to see how much you’ll love it.

Straight from the Brides. A nationwide study was commissioned to analyze brides’ attitudes towards videography before and after their wedding. Before their wedding, brides were asked to create a “Top 10” list of their wedding priorities. Prior to their weddings, 50% of brides listed videography in their Top 10 list. After their weddings, over 90% of the brides placed videography in their Top 3 priority items for wedding planning. It is safe to say that as years pass, videography will rank even higher in priority.

Here is what we can take from this study: videography is important, not during your ceremony or at your reception, but to you and your family’s future.

Sound. Photography is great for capturing that quiet moment on your wedding day, but what about the excitement as you say “I do”, the nerves as you get dressed, the laughs in the limo, and a million other conversations, jokes, toasts, giggles, expressions, etc… that will happen on your big day?  Wedding videography isn’t a silent film; it’s your movie capturing all the sights, sounds, and words that make your big day special.

The Emotion in Motion. How often do you pick up a book when you want to be entertained? Not often?  More likely you turn on the TV, go to a movie, or click through YouTube. That’s because we are programmed to demand more out of our entertainment.  Your wedding isn’t a two-dimensional picture.  It’s lights, angles, and movement. Great wedding videography captures the quirks that people have … like the way you squint your nose when you’re kissed, or your husband throwing his head back in laughter. Your wedding video will not only capture how everyone looked, but also their personality.

An Heirloom. Have you ever look at your grandmother’s wedding picture and wondered what she was thinking that day? What did you grandfather sound like back then or what music was played at the reception? You can only wish you could hear their story. Now, you can tell your own. Wedding videography preserves moments to be relived by you and your husband and shared with friends, family, and even your children. Videography is an investment.  Much like your rings, videography will last a lifetime and will become one of your most valued family heirlooms.